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No other Site Operations software provides the frontline support to help your guards be the best that they can be.

GuardSuite™ is designed to be intuitive and simple to use effectively. An online tutorial is always available to help users maximize the software's potential, and their own.

A better trained and informed guard is a more efficient and reliable security officer, and a more helpful representative to tenants and the public. GuardSuite's™ supports superior decision-making by ensuring better communication and actually pushing post-specific information and priorities to users.

GuardSuite™ facilitates correct and concise communication in all situations; the footer on every page provides quick links to:

  • FAQ for the user's specific post (polite and accurate responses to common queries: directions, near-by amenities, etc.)
  • complete site address info for immediate recall in case of emergency
  • bomb threat checklist, etc.

Guards employ best practices according to corporate and site procedures and new staff ramp-up exceptionally quickly — empower your on-site team to be their best.

The guidance works both ways. An online system improvement link welcomes user feedback from your site leadership so that GuardSuite™ will continue to evolve with you in mind — making your sites even more secure and more efficient.

An unexpected benefit in using GuardSuite™ is that it has also greatly improved our staff morale!
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