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Helping you keep track of everything.

There has been a shift in the industry bringing expectations for a more vigilant approach to security. GuardSuite™ provides guidance, empowering guards and helping them to excel at their tasks. GuardSuite™ provides full auditing and reporting capabilities. All changes and deletions are logged — including the change made, who made it and when.

User login, including time and remote IP are tracked. All failed logins are also recorded. Reports are available for analysis based on IP address, user name, and date.

Each module has specific audit capabilities to ensure the integrity of our system and your site.

These features include:

  • User Module, Access Control Database, Access Control Filters, Key Index: Edits are recorded and a display box on the edit screen shows any modification history.
  • Post Library: Modifications to the record are archived (when and by whom).
  • All Registers (such as, Access Control, Key Control, Material Control). These records cannot be edited.
  • Shift & Incident Reports: Edited records are archived.
  • Site Memo Book: Edited records are archived.
  • Post Tasks: Edited records are archived.
The (tracking) auditing function was an important feature to monitor effectiveness and provide a proper 'paper trail' should it be needed.
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