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Real-time Incident Reporting

Save time and expense with accurate and real-time incident reporting.

Security personnel chose from an extensive category of incidents from a drop-down menu. The guard is then prompted by a series of questions specific to that incident. (These questions come pre-loaded with GuardSuite™ and can be further customized.) Simply answering the questions and following the prompts will generate a thorough report.

Real-time reporting permits a report to be simultaneously and automatically emailed to a supervisor or client as it is uploaded to the database. All reports are automatically spellchecked.

Skillfull prioritizing and clear communication are essential to good security and efficiency. GuardSuite™ helps security staff to excel at both. It incorporates an intuitive dashboard that is designed to promote a high standard of performance — prompting security staff with post-specific information or time sensitive duties. If the security level is elevated at a site, GuardSuite™ will automatically re-prioritize routine and assigned tasks for each guard.

GuardSuite™ encourages on-site guards to record pass-ons and complete thorough incident and shift reports, actually prompting guards with queries to capture all pertinent information. Reports are more accurate and useful, the Site Memo Book ensures that all personnel are kept up-to-date and memos are never lost. Valuable report data is archived, and fully searchable. Arm your guards with better tools and resources.

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