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Inter-linked Registers

GuardSuite's™ registers facilitate safe and trouble-free sites.

The GuardSuite™ dashboard makes it easy for users to access all sections and registers, and lists the daily tasks specific to the users' post — keeping staff focused and productive.

All registers are inter-linked and programmed to create a comprehensive and powerful security tool; GuardSuite's™ Authorized Registry is always vigilant. This cross-referencing of registers (Contractor and Visitor Access, Key Control, Material Control, Parking Control) and people is automatic — giving guards an edge in maintaining security.

Access Control

Access Control Filters provide vigilant and consistent site security, immediately identifying recently terminated personnel, barred individuals, and those requiring special attention. Access Control Filters can be set at a site, regional or corporate level.

GuardSuite's™ datalogic searches both the Access Control Filters and the Authorized Registry database (Contractor, Visitor and Temporary Personnel) to push information to the security officer. GuardSuite™ then prompts the officer with appropriate procedure (allow access, hold and notify supervisor, deny access, etc.).

Quickly and easily add a visitor to the database, complete with digital photo, then export to a badge printer. GuardSuite™ automatically populates correct data for visitors already in the Authorized Registry database.

Key Register

GuardSuite™ lists authorized users for each key ring and prompts the security officer to count and verify keys — a discrepancy immediately flags an incident and new instructions appear to help the guard properly handle the situation and complete a detailed report. GuardSuite's™ proactive and organized approach minimizes the potential of ever losing a key.

Material and Parking Control Registers use the same simple, yet comprehensive, approach to provide guards with sophisticated tools that promote greater security.

The registers seem to be intuitive, making it so much easier for frontline staff to assist and protect.
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