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This web-based solution is simple to implement, cost-efficient and secure.

With GuardSuite™ you don't have to invest in server technology and maintenance, you automatically have the most current version, all site information is available to you anywhere you have an Internet connection, and all data is securely stored, monitored and backed-up.

GuardSuite™ gives you quick access to site data and analytics anywhere, anytime, with no worries.

Privacy and corporate security form part of the fundamental design principles of GuardSuite™ — we provide a secure and robust environment to help improve site operations and security.

GuardSuite™ utilizes industry standard security solutions and protocols. The GuardSuite™ application is built using an Adobe Flash interface. Flash content is delivered over the Internet to the Flash Player in a binary file format (SWF) using web protocols. This has inherent advantages over solutions that use runtime interpreted string-based languages such as JavaScript and DHTML.


To ensure ongoing and maximum security, users are authenticated on the GuardSuite™ server upon log-in and then with every mouse click or task execution. Upon log-in, the Log-in Admin section provides the following to the user: log-in history, failed attempts, password policy, ability to change password.

Keeping Your Information Safe:

The Flash Player runs in the browser within its own security sandbox, isolated from the rest of the computing environment. The sandbox prevents unauthorized access to the operating system environment and your data. Your information is stored above the web route, so that it is not accessible to web spiders, bots, search engines, etc.

Malicious Code:

The US Department of Defense has listed Flash Player as one of the most secure mobile code technologies. Other solutions that use runtime interpreted string-based languages are especially susceptible to SQL injection and cross-site scripting. These two vulnerabilities are listed among the top ten on Open Web Application Security. GuardSuite™ minimizes this exposure by using the binary and compiled SWF file format. Unlike ActiveX or JavaScript, Flash Player is resistant to threats such as viruses, Trojan Horse programs, back door worms and spyware.

Data Transport:

GuardSuite™ uses HTTP over Secure Sockets (HTTPS) to perform data transmissions to the server. GuardSuite™ uses Flash Player to compile data in a binary protocol, resulting in faster encryption/decryption and data transmission times, and minimizing threats to back-end data.

It was getting too difficult and expensive to host our own database, GuardSuite™ fits well with our outsourcing objectives.
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