Cost Efficient & Scalable

Several local sites or an international network — GuardSuite™ will meet your needs.

GuardSuite™ is a patent pending solution that integrates advance-designed software to run your site operations effectively and cost-efficiently. It is a powerful, integrated solution. For multiple properties, GuardSuite™ allows standardized processes at the global level as well as site specific procedures — giving you both corporate consistency and site versatility across your guard service operations.

There is no need to invest in custom software or a technical backbone, access to the Internet and a computer at each post is all you need to run this leading edge operations platform. Because GuardSuite™ is a secure-hosted solution, your corporation is always running the most recent version, at no extra charge.

The ability to change the tasks and policies at the site (and even post) level make this a valuable tool for companies with a diverse property portfolio.
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