News Release - October 2008

Guardsuite Corporation (formaly North American Security Services Inc.) has won BOMA Canada’s National Pinnacle Award-Innovation, for its development of GuardSuiteTM.

On the heels of winning BOMA Toronto’s Pinnacle Award for Innovation, President Mark Macy was thrilled to hear the news. “We’ve invested a lot of R&D into GuardSuiteTM over many years,” he remarked, “to receive this kind of validation from such a prominent association means a lot to us.”

A lot of innovation and sophisticated technology has been applied to hardware (such as card readers and cameras), with little resource being applied to on-site guard management. GuardSuiteTM is the only comprehensive and state-of-the-art tool to help guards do their job better. In a world that demands greater security, GuardSuite created a suite of tools to improve the actual process of security as it relates to on-site people and building security issues.

Going well beyond reporting, access or key control programs, GuardSuiteTM is a building specific software solution that maximizes site security and minimizes cost (in fact, only pennies a day per guard). An intuitive tool that facilitates the front lines’ ability to make quick, intelligent decisions — GuardSuite TM actually pushes information to guards when they need it, optimizing their actions and maintaining a much  higher standard performance.

Each guard has their own customized task list with comprehensive resources at their fingertips (policies, procedures, site maps, anything that is deemed helpful), allowing new personnel to ramp-up quickly and ensuring all guards remain vigilant and thorough.

Management can instantly increase the security level and change all posts to Critical, Partial Lock-down, or Full Lockdown. Post tasks are automatically adjusted with predetermined lock-down tasks pushed to the guards. All personnel can be reassigned and reprioritized — providing real-time response in case of emergency, pandemic, or security breach.

Vice-president Douglas Macy explained that “GuardSuiteTM is intelligent guard operations software that empowers guards to be their best, and enables management to improve site security while remaining fiscally responsible. That’s why the industry is so excited about this innovative solution.  It doesn't matter which guard service provider you use, GuardSuiteTM will optimize your onsite security guard services."

For a demonstration on GuardSuiteTM please contact:

Guardsuite Corporation
4950 Yonge Street, Suite 2220
Toronto, ON  M2N 6K1

Douglas Macy, Vice President
T: 1-800-5675677 (ext.443)


The ability to change the tasks and policies at the site (and even post) level make this a valuable tool for companies with a diverse property portfolio.
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